Choosing A Home Health Care Agency

Here is the reason you need the services

The services include personal care like helping with bathing, dressing and even laundry. According to Ben Landa and Bent Philipson, home health care services also include other housekeeping or domestic chores like tidying up, vacuuming and dusting. Of course, you can’t take care of someone and leave the surrounding in a dirty condition.

Cooking and other meal preparation services are also part of it. Getting the care receiver to eat the right diet is one of the most important duties of a caregiver. This implies that the caregiver may also need to run errands like going for some groceries.

Mobility assistance and medical assistance are both parts of home care especially for people who are suffering from one medical condition of another. While there are many home health care agencies in America, the quality of their services and their charges vary widely. If you need to hire a home health care agency for your aged parents, you need to compare their terms of service against their charges for you to get the best services at the cheapest cost. Here are a few factors to consider.

License and insurance

While most home health care agencies are licensed and insured, a few of them are not. The ones that are not licensed are usually silent about it and they are the ones with very low fees. You might need to request a proof of license and insurance.


It is important to hire a service provider like SentosaCare or HomeCare that have been in business for several years. This is because experience often comes with expertise. If you want the best home care for your aged parents, you need to consider this.

Backup caregivers

A particular caregiver will be assigned to your parent but what happens if the caregiver is not available for one reason or the other? It is better you choose any healthcare provider that has backup caregivers.

Payment flexibility

Some providers offer either weekly or monthly payment plan. This may not be convenient for you especially if the service is only for the days you won’t be available. A daily payment plan may the best for you. So should consider payment flexibility.

There are several home health care agencies that are very reliable and they have been offering quality home health care for years. Some of them are HealthCare, HomeCare, and SentosaCare. You can visit their various sites for more information about their services.

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