Home Health Care Agencies in America

SentosaCare is one of the most extensive nursing facilities in the region, headed by Ben Landa and Bent Philipson. Its primary objective is to offer the highest level of quality patient care. It provides care together with its affiliated nursing facilities to thousands of residents seven-days-a-week. They offer their services twenty-four-hours in a day. The facilities have expanded their clinical services to cope with the ever-increasing demands of the community over the years. They provide unique medical services, specialized care, nursing, and rehabilitative programs that are both short and long-term at specific locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area.

Every facility is designed to provide unique areas of programs, expertise, and services that range from bariatric rehabilitation to HIV care, from sub-acute services to medically complex care, and from long-term care to short-term rehabilitation, one of which is run by Ben Landa and Bent Philipson. SentosaCare together with its affiliated facilities is among the best centers where you can receive quality healthcare services and expertise that your family requires. Homecare represents a form of health services that are offered to patients in their homes in order to restore, maintain, or promote their health or decrease the effects of disability or illness. These services may include therapies, personal care services, nursing care, and aide services.

It is usually less expensive, more effective, and convenient care like the care service that you get in a skilled nursing facility or a hospital. Health practitioners are able to offer care in the case of pressure ulcers and serious illnesses that require specialized treatment upon request. The primary objective is to ensure that they treat an injury or illness by providing quality healthcare services that help you to get better and resume your normal health. Homecare may be covered by medical insurance such as Medicare like other care services that are offered in healthcare facilities. It does not always cover the treatment and care of certain illnesses and injuries. You are required to check whether your Medicare health plan guarantees the cover of your entire home care benefits.

Order from a physician is required for you to receive this form of careat home. A physician would refer you for home health services. The agency would then schedule an appointment and sent staff to your home to ask you some questions about your health. The staff would report everything about your health to a doctor. The staff from the agency would check on you more often in order to monitor your progress as ordered by your doctor.

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