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Home Health Care Agencies

Home health care is a comprehensive collection of health care services. The services are provided at the comfort of a home for sickness or injury. Home health care is relatively less expensive, reliable and it is effectively just as the attention is given at the hospital or a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). Services provided at SentosaCare include intravenous therapy, injections, wound care, homecare giver, and patient education, and offering intensive care for significant illness and life-threatening health status.

The primary objective of homecare is to provide therapy for an illness or injury. Additionally, home care ensures the patient recuperates at the comfort of a home, recovers individuality, and becomes self-reliable as soon as possible.

In the case whereby your doctor or healthcare provider advises on getting home health care, he should be able to produce a list of reliable home health care agencies that operate around your home area and let you know whether their organization has offered financial support in any of the agencies on the list.

Once you choose a home health care agency, an appointment is scheduled. You are required to talk about your needs and answer questions about your health. The body will consult with your healthcare provider about your care and update the doctor concerning your progress. The agency staff is required to attend to you often according to the doctor’s order.

Some of  Sentosacare staff responsibilities include:

Checking what you eat and drink, keep blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, and temperature on the check.

Make sure you are taking the drugs and other treatments correctly.

Ask questions on how you feel occasionally and ensure homecare safety is provided at all times.

Guide you on personal hygiene

Ensure there is communication between you, the doctor, and any other person involved in giving care.

SentosaCare is a renowned home health care agency. The agency is fast growing, and it is dedicated to providing quality patient care. Its objective is to offer service and assist associated nursing amenities to achieve their goal in healthcare. SentosaCare provides care to more than one thousand residents, and their services are available 24 hours. SentosaCare is focused on the welfare of every individual.

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