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Home Health Care Agencies in America
In America, the term “home health care” covers a wide range of services which are provided in-home to care for an individual who is ill or who has been injured. This type of medical care is generally more convenient, less costly, and equally as effective as the care received in a hospital or nursing care facility. Some examples of services offered as part of home health care include, but are not limited to, the following:
– Monitoring of an unstable health condition or serious illness
– Nutrition therapy and intravenous treatment
– Caring for pressure sores or surgical incisions/injury sites
– Patient/caregiver information and education
– Administering injections

The ultimate goal of in-home health care is to successfully treat an injury or illness without the need for a lengthy stay in a hospital or nursing care facility. SentosaCare allows the patient to recuperate in familiar surroundings, decreasing stress and anxiety and expediting recovery and a return to independence and self-sufficiency.

Home healthcare in America is often covered and overseen by Medicare or Medicaid insurance, depending on the illness or injury as well as the specific type and amount of homecare necessary. Many healthcare facilities, such as New York-based Sentosacare, have begun to expand their healthcare services to include homecare. Previously, SentosaCare operated solely within their own facilities, located throughout New York.

American health care agencies have come to realize the importance of convenience and comfort to a patient’s recovery process. When doctors give instructions to patients that include home health care, they also provide a list of agencies available in the patient’s area that provide the specific services which will be needed. If the physician’s practice or facility has a financial interest in any of the agencies on the list, the doctor is required by law to inform the patient of this.

When selecting a home health care agency the following should serve as a guideline of services a quality agency will be able to provide to it’s patients:
– Making certain all medications are being taken correctly and that there are no adverse effects or interactions.
– Ensuring the safety of the home for the patient.
– Making sure the patient is eating and drinking properly according to any medical requirements, special diets, or doctor’s orders.
– Checking to see if the patient is experiencing any pain or discomfort.
– Instructing the patient in self-care and helping the patient to become independent and self-sufficient.
– Working with the patient and all caregivers to coordinate care, appointments, etc.

Home health care agencies must adhere to stringent guidelines and meet very specific requirements in America. Those that fail to do so risk losing their licenses, facing fines or other legal action, and/or being shut down.

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