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Sentosa Care LLC owns and operates nursing facilities. It offers specialized care, short and long term rehabilitation, and unique medical, nursing, and rehabilitative programs. The company also provides subacute services, medically complex care, bariatric rehabilitation, HIV care, and other health care services; and medical/nursing, nutrition/diet, rehabilitation/mobility, self-care/ADL, cognition, behavioral, psychosocial, education, and discharge planning services. In addition, it offers nursing services for diabetes mellitus-peripheral vascular disease, cardiac rehabilitation, chronic progressive neurological disorders, osteoporosis, cerebral vascular accident, total hip replacement, and respiratory rehabilitation. Sentosa Care LLC was founded in 2003 and is based in Webster, New York.
Sentosa Care is the fastest growing group of nursing facilities in the region as it strives to provide the highest level of quality patient care. SentosaCare affiliated nursing facilities care for thousands of residents, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.

The facilities have expanded their clinical services to meet the growing needs of the community and now offer specialized care, short and long-term rehabilitation, and unique medical, nursing and rehabilitative programs at convenient locations throughout the NY Metropolitan area. Each facility offers different areas of expertise, services, and programs. From long-term care to short term rehabilitation, from sub-acute services to medically complex care, and from bariatric rehabilitation to HIV care, the SentosaCare affiliated facilities offer the expertise and quality health care services your family needs.
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